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Many non-profit organizations have a difficult time raising funds to accomplish valuable projects. Understanding this, Thousand Hills Bison Ranch enjoys working with a few clubs each year by assisting them in their holding a Wild Bison Hunt Raffle by providing an all-inclusive bison hunt. It is our desire to work with clubs that have an interest in making this an annual fundraiser. Tickets seem to go like hotcakes the second year after the winner comes home with his "I almost got gored" stories and record book bull.

Here are a few FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Please call or email John Morningsky Ray for more details.

Who can hold a raffle? State laws regulate raffles and it is vital that we abide by local regulations. Most states require raffles to be held by non-profit organizations or clubs. Check with your Secretary of State regarding registering your raffle. Your local Chamber of Commerce can also answer questions because many of them hold raffles themselves. Since raffles are considered to be a game of chance, Internet raffle ticket sales are prohibited to my best understanding.

When will the drawing take place? This is whenever your club decides to hold the drawing. A good time is a large event (re-enactment, shoot or rendezvous). This will give you an opportunity to make a big push to sell the few remaining tickets.

When does the hunt take place? The actual hunting date is worked out with the winner. We realize that most people will need to schedule the time off.

How much do the tickets cost and how many tickets do we need to sell? This is an individual club decision, based upon your clubs location, fundraising goal and involvement. Here are a few suggestions: 500 tickets @ $10; 200 tickets @ $25; 100 tickets @ $50. Each of these cases will produce a gross income of $5,000. You may choose not to limit the number of tickets, but most people are more inclined to purchase if they know the number of tickets is limited.

How much can we make? This will entirely depend upon how many tickets you sell and at what price. We discount the cost of the hunt by 15% to give you an immediate head start.

How do you help us sell tickets? We will place a banner ad on our website promoting your raffle. If you have a website or email address, we will also provide a link so our hunter/browser can go directly to you and learn how to purchase tickets. We also provide attractive color brochures about the hunt for your distribution. The more educated a prospective buyer is, the more likely he/she is to buy. Additionally, we will provide you with a 3' by 8' display banner (to be returned after the drawing).

Where do we get the tickets? Tickets can be printed locally or you can contact to purchase 1000 tickets for $39.99.

Is there an agreement that covers our arrangement? Yes. Misunderstandings can be avoided by putting things in writing. Click here to download the agreement.

What kind of hunt is it? You may choose to raffle off our Trophy bison hunt or the meat hunt. Obviously, the less expensive hunt will not require as many tickets to be sold. Our website: describes the details of the hunts. Should you elect to raffle off a meat hunt and the winner desire to shoot a trophy bull, he may upgrade the hunt by simply paying the difference.

What do I need to do to get started?

1. Download the agreement and any other pages from our site to show your organizations Board of Directors. Discuss it freely and sign the agreement should you elect to hold a raffle.

2. Decide when you are going to begin selling tickets, when/where the drawing will be held and how much the tickets are going to cost.

3. Find out where and with whom you need to register your raffle. Some states do not require anything; others do, so be sure to check this out.

4. Develop a sales plan. Decide who is going to sell the tickets and where. Set intermediate goals for ticket sales so you don't come up and have to sell a lot of tickets in a short time. Collecting the monies from members periodically is a good way to accomplish this. Out of sight is out of mind, so you need to encourage your members.

5. Order tickets after you have properly registered your raffle.

6. Distribute the tickets to your members for sale.

7. Contact your local newspaper for a story. Notify other organizations and try to get posted on various bulletin boards and in newsletters. Posting flyers at your local shooting ranges, gun shops and sporting goods dealers is a great way to advertise.



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